Short Serial Fiction

Current Series

Carabelle lives in a society where everyone must wear a box. She is turning 18 and it’s time for her to decide on an approved career to take on in life. By doing so she will be moving from her student box to a box labeled with her chosen career. Problems start to arise when rebellious Carabelle refuses to comply with societal norms, causing serious trouble. To add, her dad is changing careers, which is also far from ideal in this society. All of this is pushing Carabelle’s traditional mom over the edge.

New Chapters every Tuesday until 9/28/2021. (1 Series, 10 chapters)

Recent Series

Aaron Wells has awoken inside an apartment and a city he doesn’t know. His memory is fuzzy and his fear is growing. In this city, death isn’t your end. You continue on until it’s your time and they come for you.

All chapters are currently available. (1 Series, 10 Chapters)

Coming Soon

While on the brink of death in a river filled with blood, Simon realizes he's been apart of a dangerous cult. He reflects back on the series of events that led to a horrific bloody nightmare in a river.
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