About Kevin

Hi! My name is Kevin Gatti and welcome to my site dedicated to short fictional storytelling. On here you will find Short Serial Fiction, Short Stories,  and Visual Storytelling (Art Collections) by me.

This site is designed for quick reading (or art viewing) that you can utilize on the go, before you sleep at night, or whenever you have some free time and just looking for some quick fictional storytelling.

I consider myself to be an experimental person. I’m not afraid to try new concepts and styles. With this site, you will see me explore different genres and different worlds. This is a place where I’m allowing my imagination to go wild.

I consider myself to have an overactive imagination, which makes having a site like this a dream for me in a way. I get to tell stories on my on terms with much more creative freedom than I would have elsewhere.

Click here to learn how you can support me and my work on here.

You can learn more about me and my published novel, BLACK AND NEON GREEN by visiting my main website – KevinGatti.com

Click here to find where I am on social media and for my email to connect.

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