Boxes | Chapter 9: Out of Box Experience

Written by: Kevin Gatti

Carabelle’s mom stomped her feet over to the bed and pulled Sasha out by her ear. “GET OFF MY DAUGHTER!” She yelled as she threw Sasha onto the floor. “Wait until your mother finds out about this!” She then turned back towards Carabelle. “And you… I WILL KILL YOU!” She then lunged onto the bed fully in her box at Carabelle who was not in her box at all.

Carabelle was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts, which is what she was wearing under her box before she took it off. Carabelle’s mom tried to grab and trap Carabelle onto the bed with the weight of her own box, but Carabelle was able to scramble her way off the bed. Carabelle and Sasha ran out of the bedroom as fast as they could leaving their boxes behind.

Carabelle’s mom laid face down in her box on the bed. She slowly rolled her herself over and got up out of the bed. She started to walk towards the door but then stopped and looked into the mirror. “Joyce, they can’t go too far. They don’t have their BOXES!” She quickly glanced over at the boxes and then turned back towards the door. She now had a grin on her face as she marched out the door. “Oh girls! Did you forget something? You can’t go too far!” She looked around the hallway and out into the foyer downstairs. She saw and heard no sign of Carabelle and Sasha. She then pulled out her phone and called Sasha’s mom.

“Hi Pamela. We have an issue with the girls, and we need to discuss. Why don’t you come over?” Carabelle’s mom stated.

Pamela was in shock. “Oh no. Is it something bad?”

“Why don’t you come over here and we’ll discuss.” Carabelle’s mom replied firmly.

Pamela nervously agreed and said that she would be over as soon as possible.

Carabelle’s dad walked into the foyer from the kitchen. “Honey, is that you?” He looked up the stairs as Carabelle’s mom was getting off the phone. “Oh honey, I’m so glad to see you.” He said in relief as raced up the stairs.

Carabelle’s mom was unmoved. She continued to stand and stare straight out even as Carabelle’s dad gave her a hug from the side.

“Is everything ok?” He asked her.

Carabelle’s mom answered, “Everything is fine. I had a nice night and day away. I think you should do the same. Take the keys and go out somewhere. Enjoy yourself. Pamela is on her way. We’re having a girl’s night.”

Carabelle’s dad was hesitant. “Okay. Are you sure everything is okay?”

“Yes. Everything is fine.” Carabelle’s mom said with a grin still on her face.

Carabelle’s dad cautiously smiled as he started to walk back down the stairs. He was getting nervous as he was wondering if Carabelle had told her mom his secret. He quietly did as he was asked of and grabbed the keys to leave.

Right before he exited, Carabelle’s mom yelled down the stairs, “Oh do me one favor, please leave the front door unlocked so Pamela can let herself in.”

Carabelle’s dad nodded and quickly exited without saying another word.

Carabelle’s mom stood up in the hallaway by Carabelle’s bedroom. She was unmoved in her box as the sun set and the night arrived. After some time, Pamela eventually arrived.

“Hello!” Pamela said as she entered the house.

“Pamela, up here!” Carabelle’s mom quickly signaled with a wave.

Pamela eagerly made her way up the stairs with a nervous look on her face. She was very concerned about the issue at hand even though she had no idea what it was. When Pamela got to the top of the stairs, she walked over to Carabelle’s bedroom door and pushed open the door. She then signaled for Pamela to enter.

Pamela was confused as she looked around and saw Carabelle’s empty yellow box and Sasha’s empty Nurse box. “Why are we in Carabelle’s bedroom? Wait? Why are their boxes here and they’re not? Oh no! They’ve been kidnapped!” She started get upset and cry.

“NO!” Carabelle’s mom shouted back.

Pamela jumped as she was startled by the voice of Carabelle’s mom. She asked, “So, what happened?”

“I found them in this bed together… without their boxes.” Carabelle’s mom stated bluntly.

Pamela was in complete shock. She looked over at Carabelle’s mom in disbelief shaking her head no. “It can’t be. Not my Sasha. NO! I refuse to believe it!” She said.

Carabelle’s mom was sticking firmly to what she said. “Believe it. Because it’s true.”

“NOOOO!!!” Pamela cried out.

“I’m going to kill them both. We can do it together.” Carabelle said with her grin only getting bigger.

Pamela’s anger was building. “This is your daughter and her yellow box behavior’s fault!”

“Now, Pamela. There is no sense casting blame. They’re both guilty and they both must be erased from our lives. Neither of us can have such a stain on our representation.” Carabelle’s mom explained.

Pamela cried even more as she nodded in agreement.

Carabelle’s mom started to move back out into the hallway. “We must now find them. They must be in the house somewhere. They can’t leave without their boxes.”

The two made their way down to the basement. They began searching from the bottom of the house and worked their way up. They didn’t find them in the basement and made their way to the first floor of the house. They searched every spot they could think of and again found nothing. Next was to move to the upstairs of the house. They moved together up the stairs in the dark foyer as it was completely dark out now. At the top of the stairs, Carabelle’s mom turn to Pamela and said, “You go towards Carabelle’s bedroom. I’ll go towards my bedroom.”

Pamela nodded, and they went their separate ways in searching.

Carabelle’s mom enter her own bedroom and as she walked past the mirror she stopped and looked, “Joyce, you’re pathetic. You’re letting these girls get away! Find them and find them now!”

After searching her own bedroom, Carabelle’s mom exited back into the hallway. As she did, she saw someone in a box exiting Carabelle’s bedroom. She immediately thought it was Carabelle or Sasha sneaking in to get their boxes. She mumbled, “You sneaky girls.” The face of Carabelle’s mom lit up with fury as she darted to the person in the box. She shoved the person in the box over the railing at the top of the stairs. The person in the box fell over the railing and dropped down to the floor of the foyer on the first floor.

Carabelle’s mom turned on the lights in the foyer and looked over the railing. She was stunned by what she saw. Pamela was lying on her back with her arms and legs waving around outside of her box.

“HELP ME! HELP ME!” Pamela cried out.

Carabelle’s mom raced down the stairs to help Pamela up off the floor. “Are you okay?” She asked.

Pamela started to chuckle. “I’m perfectly fine. Thank god for boxes!”

Carabelle’s mom smiled. “Yes. Thank god for boxes.”

“I think we need rest. We’re starting to get goofy. I’m going to go home to get some sleep. You do the same. I’m sure the girls are fine for right now. Let’s talk in morning and figure out what we’re going to do. I’m sure there is a completely rationale way of handling this.” Pamela stated to Carabelle’s mom.

Carabelle’s mom nodded and gave a less enthused grin then before as Pamela continued to chuckle on her way out the door.

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