The Time | Chapter 9: The Distraction

Written by: Kevin Gatti

I pulled out of the parking space as if nothing was happening. It was as if they hadn’t noticed that I had gotten into one of the cars. I nervously put the car into drive to take off out of the small parking lot at the station. Then suddenly I was startled by a large bang on the window right next to my head. I slowly looked over and saw a Police officer staring at me with both his hands on the window. He said nothing to me. He just stared. His stare said everything I imagined he would be screaming at me. It is possible that he was actually screaming, but my memory recalls otherwise.

I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I was terrified and I was thinking about how I had blown it. I felt the plan was over before it even started. Then I did something that surprised even me. I slammed on the gas pedal and sped out of the parking lot and down the street. I quickly looked back out the window to make sure the Police officer didn’t grab onto car or something. That appeared not to be the case, and I was in the clear.

I started to slow up as I realized that no one was behind me. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. Then it occurred to me that the whole point of me stealing the car was to create a distraction. I started to get uptight and anxious again. I started to wonder why the Police officer or anyone else weren’t coming after me. Maybe they had caught Mykito and were caught up with that, I thought. I was scared for him and was hoping he was ok. I didn’t know what would happen to both of us if we were caught. The fear of the unknown was looming greatly.

The sound of sirens came out of nowhere and they seemed to be coming from everywhere. Just like that, they were coming for me. I put my foot on the gas and just went straight in the direction I was going. It was game time. I had a mission to accomplish and that was to distract long enough so that Mykito could get the helicopter. I wasn’t quite sure how he was going to do it, but I was trusting that he was going to come through.

My heart felt like it was racing just as fast as the car I was driving. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw what looked like an army of Police cars coming my way. I slumped back into my seat. I begin to wonder if Mykito was no different than John. I asked myself if I was about to get screwed over again. I wondered if Mykito’s plan was to use me just so he could steal the helicopter and escape. I felt like a fool and considered just stopping the car.
Sweat was dripping down my face. The pressure of what was occurring was getting to me. I starting to feel lightheaded and ill. I came to the end of the street I was on and had to make a sharp turn only to realize that the Police were coming for me in that direction as well. I quickly turned off again down another street. Thoughts of just stopping the car were still floating my head. Then suddenly I heard the helicopter overhead. I questioned myself at first, doubting the sound, but quickly realized that it was indeed the helicopter. I started to use the narrow side streets to make my way to the outer parts of The City to avoid the Police and to get onto The Loop.

At one moment, I thought it would be impossible to get to The Loop as the Police cars were easily following me down the narrow side streets. I continued to think about stopping but the sound of the helicopter kept me going. The sound was turning into a call for freedom. This was a chance to escape and to be free from this place. I wanted that in the worse way.

Finally, I made it to The Loop and got on the ramp as Police cars were just feet behind me. I started to drive as fast as I could on The Loop. I was wishing that Mykito would hurry up and get me before it was too late. I could still hear the helicopter but could not see it overhead. I kept driving, but then my heart dropped into my stomach. An army of Police cars were now coming towards me from in front of me, in addition to from behind. I was cornered and had nowhere to go. I slammed on the breaks causing skid marks on the road. The car swerved and turned a bit before coming to a complete stop. The Police cars all stopped several yards away.

I sat in the car without moving. I thought to myself that the worse that they could do is kill me and I would end up back in bed in that apartment. Even knowing that, I was still so scared.

“Get out with your hands up!” I could hear being shouted at me over a megaphone. My hands were shaking as I slowly moved them to open the door. I remember my last thought before exiting the car was that I was being played like a fool again and that Mykito had used me just like John had before.
As I exited the car my hands went right up into the air, and I slowly walked away from the car. Then sudden an intense wind burst out of nowhere and pushed all the Police officers back. It was Mykito in the helicopter. I gasped. He hadn’t forgotten about me. The helicopter right over me had its door open as a rope came out towards me.

“GRAB THE ROPE AND PULL YOURSELF UP!” I could hear Mykito’s voice yell from the helicopter. I quicly grab the rope and started pull myself up to the helicopter. I could see out of the corner my eye as the Police officers started to run towards me.

“HURRY UP!” I could hear Mykito yell.

I grabbed onto something inside of the helicopter and started to pull myself into the cabin of the helicopter. As soon as Mykito saw that I was partly in the helicopter he started to take off and I thought I was going fall out.

“QUICK! PULL YOURSELF IN AND SHUT THE DOOR!” Mykito yelled as he flew around The City so I could get myself together and shut the door.
Finally, I was able to get fully in and the door shut. Once that happened, I sat in the seat next to Mykito in the front. “How the hell did you pull that off?” I asked.

“Now is not the time for questions. We’re getting the hell out of here!” He said back as he swung around and flew right into The Nothingness.
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