The Time | Chapter 7: The City

Written by: Kevin Gatti

Unlike what I experienced with John, Mykito lead me into a luxurious building with a bell man in the lobby. I followed him through the lobby to the elevators. We went up to the 33rd floor and walked down a short hallway. Mykito pulled out a key and opened a door. As we entered, I realized we were in a large, high end apartment. He led me into a big room with floor to ceiling windows wrapping around. Outside there was a gorgeous view of a large city with tall buildings all around.  I was in awe at how nice the place was.

“Well damn, how did you end up with such a sweet pad?” I asked, obviously jealous.

He chuckled. “Take a seat. Do you want something to drink?”

“I’ll just do water, if you have it.” I replied as I sat down in the closest couch to me. He had three couches in this room.

Mykito poured us both a glass a water, then walked over and handed me the one cup. “So, you haven’t told me your name.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Aaron.” I stated.

“Hi Aaron, so what do you want to know about The City?” He asked as he took a seat on the couch across from.

I dove right into my inquiry hoping he had all the answers. “Well for starters, what is this place? Why are we here? I don’t remember anything.”

Mykito looked at me sincerely, “The short answer is that I have no idea. I don’t think anyone here does. However, I have my theories.”

I was slightly disappointed because I wanted a concrete answer, but I was intrigued. “So, what are your theories?”

“We’re prisoners. Trapped here by someone or something. That’s my top theory.” Mykito explained.

I said nothing. Instead, I was taking it all in.

Mykito continued, “I believe there is something beyond The Nothingness.” He then leaned in towards me. “You were coming from The Nothingness, weren’t you? What’s out there?”

“Maybe.” I said as I was feeling a little embarrassed.

He said, “Come on, everyone here has thought about jumping into it, but no one actually does. But you did. I could tell by the look on your face as you were getting off The Loop. Brave, yet incredibly foolish.”

I continued to say very little and looked around the room nervously.

Mykito continued to press, “So what’s out there?”

“Nothing.” I simply stated.

“Are you just saying that, or is there really nothing?” He asked.

“There really is nothing. I tried to escape and nothing, just nothing.” I stated, and then proceeded to tell him my story of what happened when I ventured into The Nothingness.

Mykito sat back on the couch he was sitting on, taking in the story I was sharing with him. After I was finished, he stated, “There is something beyond the darkness. I know it, but we can’t do it alone. We need something to help us.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“There’s a helicopter at the top of Police Headquarters. I want to fly it through The Nothingness. I know I’ll get through. I just need someone to help me sneak up there to steal it.” He explained.

I thought that was a wild and dangerous idea. I quickly tried to think of another path to getting out. “Does anyone know what happens when those people show up in those trucks and say, ‘It’s time” and take people away? Has anyone followed them to see where they go? Are they leaving?”
Mykito leaned towards me again. “I’ve done all that already. They take them to Police Headquarters. They go inside the building and disappear. Security there is pretty tight.”

I was becoming slightly confused with his reasoning. “So, you want help breaking into Police Headquarters to steal a helicopter, but not to see what is happening to the people disappearing, which may lead to an actual way out?”

Mykito stared at me and started to get emotional. “When they take people away like that it freaks me out. It’s extremely upsetting. Those people disappear forever. No one knows what happens. It’s terrifying. It’s also crazy because I die all time here in the same way constantly. I keep getting hit by a truck. I’m numb to it, emotionally. In a strange way, I’m used to it. It’s happened so many times, that feels like just another day.”
“Wait. You die the same way all the time.” I asked.

He looked at me confused with tears now coming down his cheek. “Yeah. You haven’t figured that out yet? We all die here the same way over and over again. Sometimes it’s different because other things happen, but for the most part, we all have some twisted story that keeps playing out with the same fatal ending. Except for the fillers. The ones in the background. They’re like robotic zombies ensuring we stick to our storyline of ultimate doom.”
I hesitated, but then responded, “I see what you’re saying. I’m still processing it all though. I haven’t been here that long.”

“I can tell.” Mykito replied as he got up and started to walk back towards his kitchen.

I continued to speak to him from the couch I was siting on. “Look, I can help you, if you want. I’ll help you break in. We can try the helicopter plan. If it doesn’t work, I guess we’ll just die and end up back at our places, right?”

Mykito came back out from the kitchen with a big smile on his face. “So, you’ll help me?”

“Sure.” I said nervously.

Mykito started to walk towards the door. “Let’s go. Time is wasting. We’re going now.”

I got up and followed Mykito out the door and into the hallway. Once in the elevator I turned to him and said, “So, what happens next?”
Mykito smiled at me and said, “Something fun. It’s always a fun time when you’re hanging out with me.”

I partly smiled back. My emotions were mixed and racing at that moment. I was terrified about what could go wrong, but was excited over the chance of getting out of this nightmare of a city.
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