The Time | Chapter 10: The Time

Written by: Kevin Gatti

The Nothingness was exactly as it was the last time I was there. It was the same absolute nothingness. However, this time, things were a little different for the obvious reason. We were in a helicopter flying through it.

It’s interesting how the possibility of escaping this hell we were in weighed greater in my mind then the possibility that we would either end up dying again or forever stuck in The Nothingness. Escaping meant everything and just the possibility was enough to take the risk. Mykito and I could taste the freedom and were eager to know what would happen. Mykito strongly believed that there was something else out there and I was desperately hoping he was right. I could tell how Mykito felt in that moment by the look on his face. He had this intense smirk on his face. The kind of look you make when your focused on something you’re very passionate about it. He looked confident and that calmed my own nerves about everything.

Unfortunately, our high optimism had to be pulled back as we started to encounter issues in flight inside The Nothingness. Amid the complete darkness, we started to hit what felt like turbulence. My guard started to rise again. I turned to Mykito and asked, “What if we hit something or just crash into a wall? We can see anything?”

“Then so be it. We’re not stopping. We’re getting out of here.” He said firmly without flinching or moving his eyes away from his laser focused attention right in front of him.

I took a deep breath and sat back in the seat I was in. I figured it was best at that point to just to remain silent and wait to see what would happen next.
We started to hit more of what felt like turbulents. Soon I started to notice something much more concerning. It started to feel much warmer in the helicopter. I looked of at the temperature gauge and notice that the helicopter was starting to heat up.

“We’re heating up.” I said to Mykito with concern.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” He quickly said back.

I continued to sit back in the seat. I kept looking over at the temperature gauge and noticed that it was getting hotter and hotter. I could feel it too. In a rather short time, the inside of the helicopter was feeling like we were boiling up. Before I had a chance to really realize it, I was sweating excessively. I looked over at Mykito and his face was also covered in sweat.

“Mykito, we’re burning up!” I yelled.

“OKAY? We’re not stopping. We didn’t come this far for nothing.” He fired back.

I said nothing back. I knew he wasn’t changing his mind regardless of what I said or did. I knew I had no ideas what was going to happen next and yet I still was internally freaking out as if we could somehow control it.

The next thing that happened really started throwing me off. The pitch-black view in front of us started to flicker. It was extremely strange. It was like a massive screen and there was static or distortion occurring.

Mykito must have noticed this too. He yelled, “WE”RE BREAKING THROUGH! COME ON!”

It definitely seemed as if The Nothingness was breaking down and glitching. As we kept going, it seemed to be doing it more and more. However, the helicopter also continued to heat up as well. I was starting to feel faint from the heat. I looked over at Mykito and he looked as if the heat was getting to him too but maintained a determined look his face.

Things then turned really dangerous for us. I started to see smoke and realized that the helicopter was on fire. We were literally burning up.
“WE”RE ON FIRE!” I yelled.

“RELAX! We’re not stopping!” Mykito stated. He was now appearing frustrated as he was realizing our time was running out and it didn’t look like we were going to make it. As the warning alarms started to go off in the helicopter, I started to remind myself that it was worth the attempt. Anything was better than what we were dealing with.

The helicopter started to fill up with smoke and it was getting darker and thicker. I turned to Mykito to say one last thing but realized he was already fading out of consciousness. He then lost control of the helicopter and it felt like we were making a nosedive. I closed my eyes in the thick smoke and embraced myself for another experience with death. Moments later everything went silent and I stopped feeling everything. I opened my eyes and was once again lying in bed in the apartment as if I was just waking up from a night of sleep.

I laid in bed for a few minutes processing what had just happened. I had gotten used to what was happening around me. I no longer questioned whether my previous experience was just a dream. I knew it was very real. I was trying to process the fact that we almost escaped, but still couldn’t get it done. I was okay with it though. I remember telling myself that it was worth the try. Once I got up out of bed, I immediately knew I had to head over to Mykito’s to regroup and plan our next attempt to escape.

I headed out of the apartment and through the convenience store to the outside. It was so bizarre. It was like nothing happened. Everyone was like a zombie. Walking down the street and even seeing Police officers you would have never had known that I was just in a huge Police chase. It was business as usual for everyone.

Once I made my way over to Mykito’s building I entered and walked over to the security guard sitting at the counter. I told them that I was there to see Mykito.

“Oh, you just missed him. He’s gone.” The security guard replied.

My heart dropped into my stomach. “What do you mean he’s gone?” I asked.

“He’s gone. It was his time. They came and took him.” He casually mentioned as if it was just a regular old fact of life.

I was in disbelief. “You’re joking?” I said nervously.

“Nope. He’s gone.” The security guard stated bluntly.

I turned away and exited the building extremely confused and devastated. Mykito was my only friend in this place and now he was gone. I had no idea what I was going to do and who I was going to attempt future escapes with.

As I walked down the street, I blended in. I felt like a zombie just like everyone else. I wondered if that was really the reason everyone there acted this way. They had been shocked beyond comprehension and could no longer fully process what was happening. Instead, they just coasted along just going with the flow of this horrible place.

Once I got back out front of the convenience store, the moment I had been both dreading and waiting for arrived. A van pulled up beside me and several men in suit exiting and started walk towards. As first I thought it was for someone else, but they started to circle me.

“It’s Time. It’s Time. It’s Time.” They all started to state.

After losing Mykito, I felt this was actually the best time for this to happen. I figured wherever we go when it’s our time that Mykito was probably there too, and we could reunite. Nonetheless, once they escorted me into the van, I felt an intense sense of fear come over me. I knew the source of the fear wasn’t death. I had died multiple times in this hell. I was becoming numb to it. I questioned my fear because I tried to tell myself that I should be happy that I may be able to see Mykito again. It was at this moment that I realize that our greatest fear is actually the fear of the unknown. Regardless of what was ahead, it was the fact that I didn’t know for sure what was going to happen that terrified me the most. The inability to control my reaction in advance and the unending possibilities drove me crazy in those final moments.

Inside the van they laid me down on a bed and put a blindfold over my eyes. They said nothing to me in the van. It was complete silence. I remember wondering to myself if that was it as I laid there. Could it be my final death? Would I be no more? Was this the end? It didn’t take long for me to learn that your time doesn’t mean the ending. It was far from it, with much more to the story.
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